About us

Kehinde Azeez Music is a record label, management, songwriting and production entity set up by artist/writer/producer Kehinde Azeez. As an artist Kehinde now performs as Kehinde Azeez. Previous projects include Kehinde A, Project:Sunday and Kehinde and Jessica alongside Jessica Gilchrist. in 2024, Kehinde Azeez Music has been set up to streamline all releases and activities in the music and entertainment industries to focus on an improved brand identity, inline with several artists and producers. The landscape has changed now with social media playing an integral role in the development of artistic identity, branding and more. All releases under Vhp Records Australia will be re-releaased under the Kehinde Azeez Music label. Over the years, Kehinde has released several records including albums by Vision of Heaven, Klub:vhp, The White Label Project and The Bob Messenger Project. Unlike traditional record labels all releases by Vhp Records featured Kehinde as an integral part as a performer and it’s for this reason that we believe that putting everything under one identity is the best way forward in the changing music industry. One new component is the introduction of artist and label management services to serve the growing world of the new independents. These are artists who now have the ability to control their own destiny and cover all aspects of their careers. With a vast knowledge of the industry and as a 100% independent artist, Kehinde Azeez Music is in a position to help independent artists navigate the choppy waters of the music industry. Look out for our exciting projects in the coming years!

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