Kehinde A – Infectious

Check out the brand new single from Kehinde A
If you like synthwave music then this will be right up your street.
Catchy, sweet and infectious.

1. Infectious
2. Infectious (Instrumental)

Written, performed and produced by Kehinde A
Recorded at the home studio in Watsonia, Melbourne, Australia
Vhp Records Australia
My Hot Music Pty Ltd Australia

Kehinde A – Hello Goodbye

Hello Goodbye is a nice smooth soul record highlighting Kehinde A’s silky vocals and smooth lush strings arrangement. The song is about appreciating those people that come in and then go out of your lives. Cherish the memories. Love knows no boundaries.


We have a lot of exciting new things that we are going to be doing later in 2015. We have quite a few changes that we shall be implementing and we are very close to announcing them to all our fans. In the mean time we would like you to enjoy the Vision of Heaven’s album “Vision of Heaven 2000” which was our very first album release. You can find it and other Vhp albums on Spotify.


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