Over the years I have worked with and met a bunch of incredbly lovely and talented people. Many of them singers, dancers and even beauty pageant stars. Olivia Sobejko is one of them, A finalist at this year’s Miss Galaxy Pageant. Olivia’s platform is about mental health and wellbeing, a topic that is very relevant to musicians and pop stars all over the world. I sat down with her to ask her a few questions before she jets off to Sydney for Finals Week!

1: Can you tell us a bit about your self?

My name is Olivia, I’m 27 years old and I’m a national finalist in Miss Galaxy Australia Pageant 2024. I’m passionate about writing and I express myself in a creative way. My dream is to have a published series of children’s picture books, that focus on dealing with life’s challenges.

2: What is Miss Galaxy Australia Pageant and what is it all about?

Miss Galaxy Australia Pageant is a pageant that encourages women to be the best version of themselves. There are four Galaxy titles: Miss Teen, Miss, Ms and Mrs which allows women from any age and experience to be a part of the pageant. Miss Galaxy Australia Pageant encourages women to get involved in their community and amplify their voice though a platform that they’re passionate about.

3: How has entering Miss Galaxy Australia Pageant helped you and your mental health?

Entering Miss Galaxy Australia Pageant gives me something to focus on. It gives me a sense of community and belonging.

4:  Entering a beauty pageant is similar to a live music competition show. How do you settle the nerves?

I settle my nerves by making sure I practice a lot. It helps me feel more prepared.

5: What are your passions? What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love reading biographies, interior design, watching films and hanging out with my friends.

6: What charity are you raising money for and how can people show their support?

BATYR support young people manage and aim to prevent mental health issues. I believe is something very vital considering a lot of health professionals don’t get involved early enough. Mental health and storytelling is a huge part of my Platform. I’m delighted to be included in their journey though Miss Galaxy Australia Pageant I will be raising money for BATYR so they’ll be able to provide their services to reach these young people across Australia. BATYR was the name of an Elephant from Kazakhstan who was able to make lots of human sounding phrases. This elephant became an emblem for this organisation and what they stand for, encouraging and supporting young people to speak up and share their stories in tough times.

7: And finally what tip can you offer our visitors to improve their mental health and well-being?

I think having a support system of some kind is most important. Having good friends or family around you in times of hardships. If not, reaching out for help.

From inside the Home Studio

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From inside the Home Studio

Thomson Twins – Sister Of Mercy

The Thomson Twins were one of those bands in the 80s that I heard but didn’t really pay any attention to. Suddenly the other day I was able to appreciate this song for what it is! A Tune!!!! I can detect some Police influence here but for those who are too young to have heard this. Enjoy it! Perhaps we might do a cover of it one day…Watch this Space!

Kehinde A – Infectious

Check out the brand new single from Kehinde A
If you like synthwave music then this will be right up your street.
Catchy, sweet and infectious.

1. Infectious
2. Infectious (Instrumental)

Written, performed and produced by Kehinde A
Recorded at the home studio in Watsonia, Melbourne, Australia
Vhp Records Australia
My Hot Music Pty Ltd Australia


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